GB Hack

A one-day event to overhaul the green building workforce, accelerate access to affordable green buildings, and have a damn good time!


After confirming a host, we recruit 5-10 community-building organizations to submit upcoming LEED-registered projects to receive free consulting and support.


Then, teams are built with participating Professionals, Students, and Experts who will support and learn on these LEED-registered building projects.


And together, over one day, we HACK* local green projects to LEED certification, while providing critical education to participating developing professionals.


“The act of engaging in activities in a spirit of playfulness and exploring the limits of what is possible, thereby doing something exciting and meaningful.”

1, 2, 3, HACK

GB Hack

The Green Building Hack-a-thon is blend of education, excitement, and community-focused change-making -- but to make a HACK successful, it requires three critical stakeholders.

1. Hosts

Invest in a HACK to broaden your membership, engage your students/staff, and serve your community with impact driven education.

(GBC Chapters, Universities, Businesses/Organizations) 

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2. Projects

Submit community-focused residential and commercial projects to be HACK’d to receive free LEED consulting and documentation support.

(Affordable housing builders, community focused developments, etc…)

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3) Participants

Join a HACK to qualify for ANY LEED AP exam, gain 8 hours of LEED CMP, and support your community!

(Students, Developing Professionals, and Experts) 

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4. Support (Sponsors, Raters, Experts)

Help us make a HACK a success in your community. Consider donating your time or capital to make this happen!

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GB Hack

The Hack-a-thon tour is coming to a community near you!
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GB Hack

Our vision is to host Hack-a-thons all over the world – but for now, we’ve got to start small and focus on demand. Thus, help us choose the best region/city/campus to host our next HACK event.

Where should we HACK next?

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